Introducing the Jane Collection--Modern Textiles for an Inspired Home

It seems like it takes forever to get from the beginning drawings of these textiles to actually seeing my prints in pillow form. First I create the drawings. Then I use my drawings to create repeats. Next, I send off my repeats to the fabric printing company for sampling. Once they are sent back to me, I often have to go back to the drawing board to get the colour and repeat just right. After this is done, I once again order samples. When I'm 100% satisfied with the colour and repeat, I then place a bulk order of material. Finally, the material is cut and sewn. So you get the picture.... It's a looooong process. But oh so satisfying when I get to see my pillows donning a sofa or bed. It's amusing to think I thought my modern line would be ready for purchase before the end of 2017! 

So with no further ado... you can shop the Jane Collection here!

I hope you can enjoy these hand-made pillow covers as much as I do. Happy shopping folks!


Hello! I'm Myra Scott, founder of Jane Meets Ruby Textiles. It is my pleasure to introduce to you my new textile line! Here’s to hoping my fabrics add a little touch of beauty to your home. All products from the Jane Meets Ruby Textile line are hand-drawn, printed and sewn in Canada.